UFS Matriculant of the Year

We had the privilege to make sure that the best of the best had a blast at the UFS Matriculant of the Year event! It was easy to see why these youngsters were at the top of the crop! They had so much fun with the Teambo Whackem’s and epic Teambo Outcome Based Activities .


Batjha Public School Team Building

On Friday, 6 September we were super excited to visit Batjha Public School to bring a super group of people an epically fun time with their first Teambo Team Building session including exciting Activities and a Drumming session! With that said the day did not disappoint, and Team Activators took their victory all the way!!!


WITS RHI Team Building

The WITS RHI team travelled all the way from Gauteng to have a fun-filled Teambo day in the Free State! Their session consisted of a Teambo Drumming session, and awesomely productive Teambo Outcome Based Activities. This was truly a team building session that this team will remember for years to come.


UFS Drumming and Activities


We had a super fun Teambo Drumming and Activities session with a fantastic group of students from UFS! It is always such a privilege to work with UFS, and we are always amazed at how much energy can come from one campus! Thank you for having us again UFS, you are awesome!!!


UFS Department of OD & Employee Wellness

On the 7th of June we had an amazing day at Leopards and Lace with the Department of OD & Employee Wellness from the UFS! Team Monarchs and Team Crushers rocked this session with their spunk and awesome rhythm. Everyone had a blast with this Teambo Outcome Based Activities and Drumming session and we can’t…

PHG Group Drumming and Activities

The PHG Group is a super fun team to work with, they brought so much joy and energy to this session which made the day extra unforgettable. The poured everything they had into their Teambo Outcome Based Activities, and their energy was through the roof during their Teambo Drumming session! The Things and Team Spongebob…


Moshal Scholarship Programme Fun

The top achievers who form part of the Moshal Scholarship Programme for 2019 were super excited to be treated to a awesome session with Teambo! We were absolutely blown away by their energy and had so much fun with this session of Teambo Outcome Based Activities and Drumming! Moshal, you rock!