UFS Matriculant of the Year

We had the privilege to make sure that the best of the best had a blast at the UFS Matriculant of the Year event! It was easy to see why these youngsters were at the top of the crop! They had so much fun with the Teambo Whackem’s and epic Teambo Outcome Based Activities .


MTN Bozza Activations Galore

On the 1st day of March 2019 we handled and facilitated another two awesome MTN Bozza Activations. One being awesome entertainment and prize giveaways at Bloem Plaza, and the other a super Walk-through spot with vibing music at the Willem Postma Pretstap!



Warmbaths – Teambo Resorts

From the 14th of December 2018 up until the 6th of January 2019, Teambo made sure to entertain all visitors at Warmbaths, A Forever Resort over the weekends. We had an absolute blast with all who joined in on the fun and it was awesome to see everyone giving each and every session their all!…


MTN Black Friday Activation

The best network knows how to celebrate and entertain, and weren’t shy with this one. We had an awesome activation at Bloem Plaza for Black Friday kitted in our awesome yellows! The patrons at Bloem Plaza will never forget the super summer fun they had!


MTN Activations – Big Events

We had an incredibly fun month with MTN! They made sure that the biggest school sporting events were covered with awesome excitement, and our facilitators made it happen with the Teambo Money Vault, Giant Legos, Catapult Challenge, Tommy the Teambo T-Rex, and a fantastic Virtual Cricket Competition. On 2-4 April our facilitators were at the…